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Mark Pople's literary thriller, Rogers Park, is a classy crime noir homage to Alfred Hitchcock. I think he would have loved this book. Rogers Park is most highly recommended. - Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite


With a sparkling and fresh writing style, Mark Pople spins a truly relevant story from a teacher's point of view. This is a bright spot in contempoary storytelling and I recommend Rogers Park to readers of all genres. Enjoy! -Barbara Andrews, author of Hetty's Song and Death of the Skylark


Pople’s sharp prose style—rich with descriptive detail and hints of the hardboiled detective genre—fuels a story that grips its reader tightly and recreates a Chicago neighborhood as it once was. The sturdy brick apartment buildings, dingy alleyways, and brutal winter winds of his Rogers Park build just the right atmosphere for the layers of mystery, malaise, guilt, and redemption that unfold within. Balanced out with wry humor, these elements all come full circle by the end, with some great twists and turns along the way. Jennifer Malkowski, Ph.D. in Film & Media from the University of California, Berkeley; Assistant Professor of Film Studies, Miami University 


Warning, this page-turner will make you skip your other duties. The story is riveting. The writing is crisp and witty and the characters complex. -Theresa McClellan, retired crime reporter for The Grand Rapids Press                                                           

Mark Pople has written an engaging suspense thriller that I enjoyed from the first sentence. Definitely recommended. I shall look forward to reading more from this author. Jane Finch, Readers’Favorite


A fine first novel that leaves me hopeful that Pople will give us more. -James Murtha


An inspiring novel of forgiveness. Mark Pople has done a fantastic job of weaving all the complicated threads of Brian Casey’s life together and drawing everything towards the conclusion. Rogers Park is an intriguing and compelling read.

- Anne-Marie Reynolds, Readers' Favorite


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