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                                    "Deliciously candid and refreshingly irrepressible.                                              Mark Pople is one of the most interesting new

                                     voices on the scene. His story rolls off the page

                                     with intriguing vitality."


                                              -   Roger Paulding, author of the Jazzed series                                                    and the Seney Chronicle series




     A shortcut led to the longest six weeks of Brian Casey’s life.

     A high school English teacher and self-proclaimed Alfred Hitchcock junkie from a broken home, Brian has spent his entire life in Rogers Park, an urban enclave of North Chicago. He longs for a Hitchcockian revenge on the father who deserted him as a child.

     Turning into the Farwell-Pratt alley on a bitter February afternoon, little does Brian know that the decision to take this particular shortcut will set into motion a chain of life-altering events. The first link in the chain is a stuffed trash bag dropped from a fire escape. The final link is a choice: forgive his father or watch him die. The links between - kinked and tangled, as happens when chains are kept in closets with skeletons - include addiction, F. Scott Fitzgerald, plagiarism, blackmail, and murder.

     Rogers Park is a novel about the long road to forgiveness and the harrowing journey one man must endure to reach this destination.












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