Mark Pople is the winner of the Houston Writers House 2014 novel contest and second-place winner of HWH's 2015 Flash Fiction contest. In addition, Mark's paintings earned first, second, and third place in Sugar Land Artists Guild's 2004 annual contest (semi-professional division).


Born in Cambridge, England and raised in Pittsburgh, Mark's literary sensibilities were most inspired by his brief stay in Rogers Park, Chicago's northern-most urban neighborhood. He now resides in Houston.


Like his novel’s protagonist, Mark is no stranger to the English classroom. His twenty-five years spent teaching high school English, while thankfully not as eventful as those of Brian Casey, served to whet his appetite for written words, sometimes even those of his students.


Now retired from teaching, Mark tutors students of writing and literature as well as editing for aspiring novelists and business professionals. His latest editing credit is Marge Levis's A Letter from Munich. He also enjoys reading, painting, and racquetball.


If you have anything (creative, academic, or business-related) in need of editing, contact Mark at